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Creative Portfolio

My journey as a filmmaker has been a fulfilling one, filled with exciting and challenging projects that have pushed me to grow and evolve as an artist. Here is a glimpse of my work so far...

As I continue to forge ahead in my career, I am excited to take on new and exciting projects that challenge me creatively and allow me to make a positive impact on the world around me. Whether it's through documentary filmmaking or narrative storytelling, I am committed to using my art to inspire, educate, and empower others.

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Point Zero - 2023

Point Zero is a thought-provoking short art-deco film that that I hold very close to my heart. As the director, I poured my heart and soul into every frame, determined to create a work that would truly resonate with audiences and shed light on the world of the LGBTQ+ community, exploring the struggles and challenges that many individuals face as they navigate a society that is often hostile to their existence. The film has been sent to various prestigious film festivals around the world.

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To watch the film, please click on the still above, which will direct you to the official website of the film, where you can find all the information about the project and stream the full movie. 

Disclaimer: The film is still actively competing in several film festivals and has not yet had its debut, so publishing or sharing the film is not allowed. All rights of the film are reserved and protected by copyright.

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This short documentary that I've directed is a triptych on crisis and creativity in which three musicians talk about their passion for music and how their practice has changed during the Coivd-19 pandemic.


Real Magic Can't Be Stopped - 2021


Treehugger - 2020

A neo-expressionist short fiction film about defining love and understanding it from different perspectives: in the style of Lars von Trier.

In this project I acted as the sound technician, boom operator and music composer.


Life of Caretta

This is an educational short mockumentary in the style of collage editing which delves into an important environmental issue in Turkey, and the rest of the world: the endangerment of caretta carettas and the destruction of their naturals wild life habitats.

Work at KalaFilm


Fenerbahce 10 Kasım #SendenAldik


Turkcell Kecili Kız #CokCekici

I worked as the 3rd AD in these projects, both of which have received critical acclaim from professional critics. I've been in stages from pre-production to post-production; assisting in casting, reference research, crew management, keeping timecode on set and communicating the needs of the director to cast & crew. 

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